Winter Q&A Part 2: You Want…WHAT?!

We’re doubling up for a second round of Winter Q&A for the day!

“Will we see any Harvest Moon (especially the GameCube Series) throwbacks coming to the 3DS? Since there have already been a few throwbacks already…”
-Jacob, Facebook

“Will HM More Friends of Mineral Town come to Nintendo’s eShop for 3DS in the future?”
-Melanie, Facebook

“Would you ever consider porting some of the classic Harvest Moons to the 3DS or Wii-U? o:”
-Genesis, Facebook

“Would u ever port some more classic harvest moons to the eshop”
-Kira, Facebook

“When will Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town be in the 3ds eShop?”
-Zachary, Facebook

“Is More Friends of Mineral Town on the eShop”
-Stupidbread, Tumblr

“Is there any possibility for a More Friends of Mineral Town remake on the 3ds?”
-icefire149, Tumblr

“Will you make Medabots Metabee and Rokusho versions available on 3DS when GBA games are offered? Not the AX ones, the RPG ones.”
-Anonymous, Tumblr

When we say we get asked this question a lot, we’re not kidding

So, we get asked these sorts of questions a lot, and there’s a really easy litmus test to tell whether a classic game will be released on the eShop: “Does Nintendo do this? Do they let other companies do this?”

No, Nintendo does not put recent console games on the 3DS eShop, and sadly that means we cannot either. The same goes with GBA (outside of the ambassador games) — though they’re working on this and we look forward to the day it’s possible. But until that day comes, we aren’t actively working on porting any specific GBA or GameCube games.

We’re aware today that Nintendo has announced plans to launch DS games for the WiiU – it’s an exciting time, and we’ll be reviewing our DS catalogue for potential titles.

“You mentioned that we couldn’t ask questions about localizations, but what of rereleases of games that have already been localized? I’m referring to Harvest Moon GBC2 and Harvest Moon GBC3 (and to a lesser extent, Legend of the River King 2) and their likelihood of coming to the 3DS eShop in the near future.”
-BluCup, Tumblr

“Hello! Any word of getting Harvest Moon 2 and 3 (GBC) on eShop? Or has it been ruled out? Cheers!”
-Anonymous, Tumblr

“What are the greatest challenges of bringing an older title (Such as Harvest Moon GBC) to modern systems, and what challenges exist for digital distribution?“
-David, Facebook

HM GBC did quite well for us, and we have a solid library of GBC games to draw from for re-release. Currently, we are working with Nintendo to re-release some more of our classic GBC games. When we have dates for future eShop re-releases (and we WILL be releasing more eShop titles), we’ll announce them on our social media first!  We’ll touch upon the challenges of releasing classic titles onto modern systems in a later question.

  1. skyrunner14 answered: I’d love to see Lufia: The Legend Returns get a release on the VC. That would just make my day :3
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