Let’s check in with Gabrielle again:
Today, she’s going to tell us about Premium Characters and Screamites!

"Hey there! Gabrielle here again!  Have you heard of premium characters?
You can get premium characters by using “Screamites” to buy them. Then they’ll join your team~
In the next post, I’ll let you know more about these premium characters!”

Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense: http://bit.ly/1mV2dcW

Bust A Move 4 Coming To NA PSN

We’ve had a long, positive working relationship with Taito (now a part of Square-Enix) and we’re happy to be continuing to work with them to bring forward some of the classic and beloved games Natsume published in North America from the Taito stable.  First on the list is Bust A Move 4 — one of our best selling games on the original PlayStation.  Like all PSOne classics, the game will play on PS3, PSP, and PSVita.  


Welcome to our (mostly) monthly State of the Farm column!

The last six week have flown by, and it’s that time of year when we need to balance preparing for E3 with working on a myriad of projects large and small. While we can’t say what, we have a couple projects awaiting finalization from Sony that we’re hoping will launch prior to E3!
-CeeCee, Natsume Community Manager

Yumi Swings Into High Praise!
Yumi’s Odd Odyssey made its North American debut last month – the twenty year old series has an amazing following, so we’re really happy to finally release a game in the series in English! If you haven’t been keeping up with the reviews as we post them, you can find a running list on our forums at http://natsume.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=51 – you can also stop in and leave your best tips and tricks (or get some help if you’re stuck on a particular level).  There may even be a YOO-related contest coming up soon, so keep your fish hooks ready!

E3: Behind The Curtain Is…
As of April 15th, it is a mere 56 days before E3 – that’s just 8 weeks from today!  We’re a bit nerdy when it comes to booth design – we like having something a little different each and every year, while maintaining a few staples that our E3 fans have come to love. Watch for a full album of memories live from E3, as CeeCee will be in the booth again this year with her camera snapping all sorts of pics!

E3: What Shall We Play?
We know our fans are anxious to hear what we’ll be showing, and we’ll have lots of news coming over the next two months as we get ever-closer to the show’s launch. While we can’t discuss any specific titles at this time, rest assured that many of the staple Natsume series that we’re known for will be in attendance. We’ll have a final line-up of games that will be showing during E3 (June 10th-12th) in late May or early June!

Gabrielle Takes Over the Night!
With the recent launch of Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense on iOS, we’re launching a new series of introductions so that new players who haven’t experienced a Gabrielle title before can feel a little more at home with the cast of characters. You’ll find most of these updates will post after 6 PM PST or so (on Facebook, may appear earlier or later on Twitter and Tumblr) – after all, monsters play best during the night!

Feel free to take your best guess at what our secret pre-E3 releases may be – we’ll have more news on these once they launch on the PSN!